Tuesday, June 9, 2009

E3 2009: Part 2 - I Get Wet

We've established that there were a lot of games at this years E3, and this is something I'm going to talk about over the next three posts, but one game in particular has caught my attention, if only for the lack of attention being paid to it by others.

'Wet', is a title no one really gave a toss about until Bethesda came along and decided they wanted to rescue it from purgatory in the wake of the Activision - Blizzard merger. But if I'm being perfectly honest, I still don't think enough people give a toss about it. From what little I've seen the game looks like it's going to be incredibly fun to play and from what I've heard from it's developers and publishers, it sounds like it's going to be incredibly fun to play. Here's a short synopsis of the plot:

You are Rubi. She kills people. Just because.

Okay not 'just because', she's a hired gun. Meaning she does peoples dirty work for them for money. Meaning she kills people. So I wasn't a million miles away.

She's voiced by Eliza Dushku and well designed visually, a Lara Croft for the current generation, and the game looks to be the same. It takes it's art style (and playing style) from the grindhouse movies of the 70s and to a larger extent the Kill Bill films. Seamless fusion of acrobatics, melee fighting, gun fighting and sword....wielding...is one of the major selling points being touted by the devs, along with how a leap into the air when surrounded by enemies automatically sends the game into slow-motion, allowing you to pull off crazy moves and pick off numerous enemies in mid-air. But what I find more intriguing is the mysterious 'Red' mode they've only given us brief glances of.

When Rubi becomes extremely pissed off, she 'sees red'. The entire look of the game changes to a drastic cel-shaded fantasy where figures are black, weapons and blood are white, detail is scarce and everything else is just red. Think, the Queens of the Stoneage 'Go With the Flow' video and you're in the right area. It really catches your eye and from what I've seen could rival many supposed 'artistic' titles of the current generation for visual appeal.

'Wet', as a title apparently comes from the phrase 'Wet Job'. Meaning, when a job gets messy and you get 'your hands wet', meaning, when you have to 'kill people. Just because'.
I still think it's a bit conspicuous to call a game 'Wet' when the main character, (and figurehead for the box-art no doubt) is an attractive bad ass femme fatale.

Or is that the point?

TL; DR: 'Wet' is looking far more awesome than it's retarded title would have you believe.

Andy K

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