Monday, March 9, 2009

It Begins...


Somehow, in the twisted labyrinth of shit that is the internet, you have stumbled upon this blog. Quite frankly, you picked a piss-poor time to do it because I haven’t written anything of any value yet. I politely ask you not judge this blog as a whole based on this post alone, as this is nawt but a start. In the coming weeks/months/til I lose interest and do something else, I will smother this page with opinions and critiques, questions and answers and just about anything I can think of, that said I dont tend to do an awful lot of thinking, so I’m also willing to discuss anything that you, fine reader, feel needs discussing.

I’m being terribly rude. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Andy Kavna. This is my blog, ‘Pleather 4 Breakfast'. Now, formailities out of the way, I have absolutely nothing left to say. So rather than ramble on I’ll cut this post short and bid you adieu, ’til hopefully next time I’ll have something to talk about.

TL;DR: New blog. This ones shit. Come back and do my work for me. love xxx.

Yours deliciously,
Andy Kavna

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